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Partnering With Your Child's Medical Provider

  • When you make the appointment, tell the doctor’s staff you have concerns about your child’s development that you want to discuss.

  • Write down your questions, concerns, and some examples; take these to the appointment.

  • Fill out the CDC Milestones Checklist for your child’s age and take it with you to share with the doctor.

  • Have other adults who know your child well fill out a Milestones Checklist, too.

  • If you can, take another adult with you to play with your child so you can better focus on what the doctor says.

  • Tell the doctor you have concerns at the start of the visit and share the Milestones Checklist and any questions you might have written down.

  • If the doctor seems to be in a hurry, ask if you should schedule another visit.

  • For more information, English Spanish, ASL click here

  • Take notes to help you remember what the doctor says and what to do next.

  • Before you leave, make sure all of your questions have been answered. If you do not understand something, ask the doctor to explain it again or in a different way.

  • When you get home, review your notes and call the doctor’s office if you have any questions.

  • Take the steps the doctor has told you and remember to follow up with the doctor about how it went.

For more information about talking to your child's doctor click here

Tips On Talking To Your Child's Doctor

Missing Milestones? 
Time To Act Early

Speak with your child’s medical provider right away if you have concerns. You don’t need to wait for your child’s next visit. They can help you address your concerns and connect you to resources.


Developmental Milestones Checklist

Your child’s childcare provider, preschool teacher, or home visitor can help you complete a Milestones Checklist based on your child’s age and answer any questions and address your concerns.

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