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Refer a Child/Family
Serious Child

Refer a Child/Family

Act Early Oregon supports early identification and referral for children at risk for developmental delays. Here is some information on approaches to getting more information about a child’s development and accessing services.

Referral for a Developmental Evaluation

If you or the doctor thinks there might be a delay, ask the doctor for a referral to a specialist who can do a more in-depth evaluation of your child.

Doctors your child might be referred to include:

  • Developmental pediatricians. These doctors have special training in child development and children with special needs.

  • Child neurologists. These doctors work on the brain, spine, and nerves.

  • Child psychologists or psychiatrists. These doctors know about the human mind.

  • Early intervention

Oregon’s Universal Referral Form


Ask for an Evaluation

Eligibility for early intervention services is based on an evaluation of your child’s skills and abilities.

If you, your child’s doctor, or other care provider is concerned about your child’s development, ask to be connected with your state or territory’s early intervention program to find out if your child can get services to help. If your doctor is not able to connect you, you can reach out yourself. A doctor’s referral is not necessary.

  • If your child is under age 5: Call your state or territory’s early intervention program (see contacts below) and say: “I have concerns about my child’s development and I would like to have my child evaluated to find out if he/she is eligible for early intervention services.”

  • What is “Early Intervention?”: Click here to learn more.

  • Oregon Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education: Click here to learn more about getting a free developmental evaluation for your child if you or your child’s medical provider has concerns.

  • Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education in Other States: Click here to go to the directory of EI/ECSE services in other states.

  • Developmental Services: If your child qualifies for Early Intervention, services will be free

  • Other Options: If your child does not qualify for Early Intervention, you may still wish to pursue other developmental or behavioral services. Talk with your child’s medical provider, childcare provider, or preschool teacher about what options are available in your community. These services may have a cost depending on your insurance coverage.

  • For additional help, contact your Help Me Grow or call 211 if those options exist in your state.

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