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Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers can implement Act Early Parent Resources in their practice to empower parents and caregivers to be an active participant in developmental surveillance.

Learn the Signs. Act Early Resources for Healthcare Providers

Watch this brief video where Dr. Siddiqui, pediatrician, shares how Act Early Parent Resources have enhanced her services to families.

Detect Potential Developmental Delays Earlier by:

1. Performing developmental surveillance at each health supervision visit and encouraging parents to           monitor milestones between visits;

2. Making connections with childcare providers, directly or through parents, to encourage use of these resources so they can share additional information with you about a child’s developmental progress.

3. Conducting developmental screenings and autism-specific screenings as recommended by the AAP using a validated screening tool.

4. Performing additional developmental screening when Act Early Parent Resources suggest concerns.

5. Referring children with concerning screening results for further evaluation AND to your county’s early intervention services. Find Oregon’s Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education Statewide Agency Directory here:   English  Spanish

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